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Dec 16 / kkrizka

Running Linux On The PSP

Yesterday the homebrew developer Jackson Mo updated the Linux PSP port to kernel version 2.6.22 and made it the most useful PSP Linux port yet. It is based on the uClinux embeded kernel and the small GNU compatible package called BusyBox. So far it is very minimal, but you already get a fully workable shell. The only thing left is to add WiFi support, a package manager and port the most common applications to it.

I have gotten the uClinux port to work on my homebrew enabled 3.71 M33 PSP, but you still might need to have the 1.50 kernel addon installed. See my 3.71 M33 tutorial for instructions on how to install it.

Installing PSP uClinux 2.6.22-uc1

  1. Download the package and extract it’s contents
  2. Connect your PSP to your computer via USB
  3. Place the uClinux folder from the package to the /PSP/GAME folder on your PSP memory stick
  4. Disconnect your PSP
  5. Go into the memory stick section of the games menu on your XMB
  6. Find the uClinux icon, and press X to launch it

Using PSP uClinux
After you have booted Linux, you can enter the limited commands by typing them in using the on-screen keyboard. Use the L button to bring up the numbers and special characters and the R button to bring up letters. Then use the OXTS keys to select the character in the same orientation as the key pressed. You pick different boxes by using the arrow keys. To select the diagonal box, you have to press two of the arrow keys. I know this can be hard to get used to, so hopefully the next release will support the D-pad too.

The home keys do not work, so to go back to the XMB you need to use the halt command. This will fully shut down your PSP.


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  1. ghufranullah / Dec 20 2007

    HI KAROL…. Could u please
    tell me what is “HOMEBREW” .Is it on my psp. My psp is 3.73(without custom firmware).Pandora battery needs homebrew capable psp. I dont no mine is or not……

  2. Wman / Nov 21 2008

    i have a psp 3000 series running version 5.02
    and i want to use this very badly. but when i use it,(or try to use it) it says:”This game cannot be started. The data is corrupted.” can you help me?

  3. b2dub2 / Dec 10 2008

    sorry Wman, 3000’s aren’t hackable yet. If they were I’d have one, but this works fine on my 5.00m33-4 slim 2k psp. just got win 95, 98 , mac 7. watever and ubuntu today, gotta love it!!!!

  4. b2dub2 / Dec 10 2008

    to Wman: sadly psp 3000’s aren’t hackable yet. If they were I’d have one (damn interlacing lines). It does work on my slim 5.00m33-4 psp 2000 though. Hooray. just got dosbox runnin win 95, 98 got ubuntu and vista shell. gotta love it!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rhymes / Mar 18 2009

    When i try this. (running 3.9 m33) i get a “The game could not be started” 80020148 error? Any help would be appreciated

  6. Raihan Hasnain Rahman / Mar 27 2009

    Same problem here, “The game could not be started. (80020148)”. 😐

  7. alex / Nov 16 2009

    Hey I had the “This game cannot be started. The data is corrupted” issue as well. PLEASE HELP

  8. JOSE GUSTAVO / Jul 26 2010

    Tengo una PSP 3001 HACKEADA con el Chickhen R2 y con el CFW GEN 5.03 y quiero saber como instalar el linux

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