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Dec 21 / kkrizka

Custom Ringtones on the Samsung “UpStage” m620 (Telus Edition)

ringtones_250x251.jpgAs I mentioned in one of the earlier posts, I got a brand-spanking-new cellphone, the Samsun “UpStage” m620 with a new contract from Telus. However to my disappointment, Telus decided to remove the MP3 ringtone functionality and so I was stuck with their default simple ringtones. But after a bit of Googling around, I found out that Telus missed something; the possibility of setting a video ringtone. So you can create a custom ringtone, convert it to a video file and upload it to the memory card.

Sounds easy? It is not, especially if you do not use Windows, like me. The video format supported by the cellphone is some weird mobile codec called 3GPP2 and converters for which can be hard to find. I found several guides about how to convert MP3 files to 3GPP2 files on Linux with ffmpeg, but the results were dismal. The sound quality was very low. I am sure if I played around with the settings I could have gotten a better quality, but I did not want to bother. Luckily I stumbled across an online conversion tool that did the job for me perfectly and works from any operating system!

The whole process took me a long time, so I decided to write the following guide to help others. You do not need to download any programs for the conversion nor do you need to know anything about “bitrates” and formats. However you do need to cut out the required part of the MP3 file yourself. You can use the free open source program called Audacity for it. It is cross-platorm, so you can use it from Windows, Mac or Linux. I might blog about it a bit later.

The next step is to convert the file into the 3GPP2 format, which can be simply done by using the Media Converter website. The site is great, because it supports a wide variety3g2option.png of formats and you can upload from your disk, a website or directly from YouTube. After you select your file, click next. On the next page, set the filetype to 3g2. The click the next button twice in a row, there is no need to change any of the bitrate or quality settings. Finally after a few minutes, you file will be converted and a download link will be available for you.

Now you need to place the converted file that you downloaded onto the memory stick of your phone. Make sure to place it into an already existing folder in the DCIM/ folder (ei: I placed mine in DCIM/110ssm), along with all the other pictures, because otherwise it will not be found. After you have saved it, on your phone open the ringer settings located under Settings->Sounds->Ringers->Voice Calls and select who you want to change the ringtone to. A choice of selections will be displayed, and you should pick “My Videos” and then “Memory Card”. Finally find the video file, and select it. If you converted an MP3 file, there will be a red X in the image because it has no video component. However the audio will work perfectly.

That is it, now you have your own custom ringtone! What is yours? I am using Asturias by Isaac Albeniz.


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  1. Leslie / Dec 28 2007

    Thanks so much! I’ve been trying to figure that one out for a while. It works great!

  2. Chris / Dec 30 2007

    This also works for the bell version of the phone, I just tried it. Thanks a million.

    • Karol Krizka / Dec 30 2007

      Great to hear that! This workaround should work for any provider that disabled MP3 ringtones but left video ringtone functionality.

  3. Doblaman / Jan 4 2008

    This works great, but I have some situations that about it:
    After saving the ringer in my microSD and selected from “My Video” I can assign it as a ringer for any call. I can do this using the MP3 side of the phone. I can even listen to the ringer, but this does not happen when using the “phone” side of the cell. When I select a contact and edit his information to assign an specific ringer from “My Mideos” it shows a white square with an “x” on it, and actually I can choose it and assign it, but there is no name neither I can’t hear the ringer. It is like there is no ringer assigned to that contact. Why there is no name for the new ringers? How do I assign a name to the ringer that can be recognize by the phone? It appears that the ringer is working because just I assigned the new ringer to only my wife but the name did not appeared, but when she call me, the ringer started playing. Do you have any idea of this?

    Have a great day.


  4. Tina / Jan 8 2008

    Help! I’ve tried this and still can’t get to it in my phone. I dragged and dropped the 3g2 file into the DCIM 110ssm folder of my phone. I then go through the next steps and I get a “No Media Files” message. I know it’s in the right folder because I connect my phone to the pc again and look in the phones folders and I can see the file in the folder I put it in. Please, what am I doing wrong?! I’d be embarrassed to say how long I’ve been tinkering with this trying to get it to work!


  5. Dipen Patel / Jan 9 2008

    IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sherri / Jan 12 2008

    I’m having the same problem as Tina. I put the file with the correct folder and i can play it if i go to Tools-Mass Storage-File Management. However when i try to choose one of those files for a ringer it tells me “no media found”.

  7. maria / Jan 30 2008

    hi i got everything to work except when i get to ASSIGN it says “media file saving failed” should i save the file with a straight name rather than with spaces?

    ie. file bob marley – possitive vibration.3g2 to bob1.3g2? i dont know how else to make it work… i got that far, at least it appears on the phone i guess (oh, and i can play it if i hit preview or something, so that woks to, i just cant assign it.)

    helps required, thanks!

    • maria / Jan 30 2008


      FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THAT SAME PROBLEM, all you have to do is name the file alltogether and short, no spaces… just something simple like.

      song1.3g2 then it should work.

  8. Billy / Feb 11 2008

    I am having the same problem as Maria,
    when i get to the “assign” step, it says
    “media file saving failed”

    but then i tried to make the name of the file short and simple, same thing!

    please help!

    • Billy / Feb 11 2008

      my solution

      after you have transfered your file onto your phone:
      Menu–> pictures–>My Albums–>Memory Card (unless you have put the file on the phone, in which case, pic k”in phone”)–> highlight the file you want, hit the right soft key ” Options”–> Assign–>voice calls–>(with or ) without Caller ID –> it should say something along the lines of assigned to voice calls!


      have fun , cheers!

  9. daniel / Feb 18 2008

    i got the song on my phone. converted and everything and as a video ringer but when i phone my cell it doesnt ring! It just comes up with a white screen!
    help me in going nuts!

  10. Jordan / Mar 3 2008

    Thanks for the help getting the ringtones, but when I’m looking at the ringtones on my phone, I can’t see the names for them. They all work fine, though. I currently have four tones on my phone, but in order to see which one is which, I have to listen to each one. Is there any way to show the name of the file right from the phone?

  11. Nick Bernardone / Mar 10 2008

    I got the ringtones to all work now…Thanks!

    • Diane / Dec 5 2009

      how did u get it to work? how long ar eyour ringtones? mine keep saying it’s too big of a file, does anyone have a solution to this? please and thank you!

  12. XALLY / Jul 27 2008

    Hi! This really helped me a lot!!!!! Saved me tons of time dude, thanks!!! Is it normal to see a little pic of an x? I’m guessing yeah since it’s a video ringer but there’s no actual footage of a vid?? Thank u!

  13. XALLY / Jul 27 2008


  14. Arturo / Jul 27 2008

    I folowed the instructions and it works fine, but when I made the second ringtone following the same instructions the error appears “No media files”. I rename then to short name file (less than 8, pictures has 8) and I’m seeing the same error.

    I even deleted the second file letting only the one I already made and the error is still there.

    What could it be?

  15. Shook "one" / Aug 1 2008

    Dude you’re amazing. Thanks so much for the tip(s)!!!

  16. Tommy / Sep 3 2008

    Ok so this worked really well
    thank you.
    i have 2 concerns tho.
    1 the ring tones i have made are REALLY quiet. and 2 i can only put them for voice calls. for the most part i text so is there any way to make a ring tone for text messages cause it doesnt give the video option or at least to me…?

  17. LIl Blazy / Sep 14 2008

    im confused wat do u convert a mp4 video or an mp3 file

  18. Dee / Oct 5 2008


  19. Ayda / Nov 14 2008

    My freaking hero! AH, thanks SO SO much. I’ve had this damn phone since July ’07 and I’ve been using it’s pathetic beep/vibrate. I’m like ecstatic right now!!

  20. Jadon Chan / Dec 21 2008

    I can’t thank you enough. I’ve been trying to convert for a LONG time. Thank you again.

    Merry Christmas& Happy New Year

    – Jadon

  21. Nic / Mar 19 2009

    absolutely genius thanks a mil. Had this phone for a year now and you just made it bearable.

  22. jof / Mar 28 2009

    thanks for this tutorial….i’m using coheed and cambria welcome home!

  23. rosie / Apr 25 2009

    i would like to know what 3GPP2 is plz. and i would also like to know do i really have to convert the files into the 3GPP2 format in order to custom the ringtones? and if it has to be done how do i format it ……

    rosie plz and thank u …..

    • Karol Krizka / Apr 30 2009

      3GPP2 is a video file format used by mobile phones, and yes you do need to convert your music files into the format, if your service provider disabled MP3 ringtones. To convert, follow the tutorial in this post.

  24. Hector / Jun 10 2009

    THANK YOU KAROL!!!!!!!!! YOUR THE MAN!!!!!!!!!

  25. Leslie G / Jun 16 2009

    Hey there!! the gift that keeps on giving two frickin years later!! DJ and musician here still in LOVE with my UpStage but could NOT get that to work…

    thanks SOOOO MUCH!!! you’ve made my life full of more music as it should be!!!

    <3 UnPhair

  26. mike / Jul 9 2009

    what is this bullshit about the media file saving failing and how do i fix it.?

    • Karol Krizka / Jul 15 2009

      At which stage do you get the error? Moving the files to the phone or when downloading the converted copy?

  27. Diane / Dec 5 2009

    im so glad i found this!!! but i have a problem TT_TT how come it says it cannot be a ringtone becuz it’s over 512kb?
    and the ringtone is only 15 seconds.. T_T help please!

    • Karol Krizka / Dec 6 2009

      I’m guessing that is the limit set by the phone. I have no idea how to bypass it.

      I would say, either shorten the ring-tone or try to compress the audio it to a lower quality.

  28. gigi / Feb 6 2010

    yay it worked

  29. fernando / Jul 2 2010

    i shorted the song and converted to 3gpp2 format and save it to my memory card i go to sounds -ringers-voicecalls-with caller id-my videos -and it tells me that theres no media files what am i doing wrong ….shit is pissing me off……….>:( …………….grrrrrrr …………anger!!!!!!!!

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