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Dec 22 / kkrizka

OpenOffice Is Speedy On Hardy Heron

OpenOffice is well known for being a slow behemoth, because opening the word processor also means loading up the spreadsheet and the rest of the office suite. But for some reason, it is very fast on the latest Hardy Heron. It takes just a second to open a document. I am not sure why that is, because on my desktop it still takes quite a long time. And that is a even more powerful machine. What is Hardy Heron doing to improve’s performance?

I think that they might be preloading at start-up, which is a good choice on system with a lot of memory. There is a good tutorial on how to speed up loading at Lodahl’s blog, but my Ubuntu installation does not have that enabled. I will be trying it out to see if the option has any effect on my desktop after I get home.

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