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Dec 26 / kkrizka

Cheap 4GB Memory Stick for PSP

I just got back from BestBuy and I found out that they have a great deal on Pro Duo memory sticks, which fit into your PSP. At the Burnaby location (in Canada), they had a 4GB SanDisk Pro Duo memory stick on sale for $40. They usually cost well over a $100, so if I were you I would hurry to BestBuy. The deal only lasts throughout the Boxing Day sale, which ends tomorrow. You can check the availability in your area by looking at the in-store flyer from the BestBuy website.


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  1. Cheap HDTV / Dec 27 2007

    Hi Karol,

    How are you doing? Unfortunately I dwell on the other side of the earth, so I couldn’t use this opportunity. Thank you very much for sharing this news and I hope you would share news which is world wide applicable.

  2. sanketmani / Nov 25 2010

    According to problem solver there is nothing wrong with the memory stick, or
    HUBs. Memory stick’s on utility program won’t allow me to format it. Could it
    be so that it is jus broken (it’s only 4 weeks old)?

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