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Dec 30 / kkrizka

Jonnyk429’s Ultimate Video Guide To PS1 Games On The PSP

While looking through the referrers to my blog, I noticed that I was getting a lot of traffic from YouTube. It turned out that my PSP Custom Firmware 3.71 tutorial was mentioned in a video made by jonnyk429 of The Gizmo Shack. In the video he showed step by step how to run PS1 game on your PlayStation Portable, and since I get a lot of requests for a PS1 guides, I decided to post his videos. His YouTube profile also lists other great PSP video guides, so I recommend checking them out.

The tutorial is very detailed and goes over everything from setting up Alcohol 120% to dump your PS1 games to configuring the buttons on your PSP. Sadly he does not cover multi-disk PS1 games, so for that information you have to go somewhere else. Finally, he seems to use Alcohol 120% only to dump an ISO image of the PS1 disk and there are many free available tools to do that. A simple search showed several results, best being ISO Recorder.

It is quite lengthy and comes in three parts, so it will take, but you do not need to view all parts if you know what you are doing. See the titles above the three parts to the video for a better description of what is to come.

Dumping Your PS1 Game

Preparing and Copying The PS1 Files To Your PSP
Launching And Configuring The Game

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