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Jan 6 / kkrizka

Internet Phone Now Available on Fat PSPs

Earlier this week Sony announced that the upcoming Skype client will only be available on PSP Slims, which is bad news for PSP Fat owners, like me. But there is some hope thanks to homebrew developers Fanjita and Noobz, who have just released a SIP phone of their own. The initial release of Furikup supports connecting to any SIP server in the world, several voice input methods and best of all it runs on any PSP.

While I applaud the effort of the homebrew community with the release, yet I would be even happier if someone made a Skype client that runs on the fat PSPs. There is already a large user base, so there is a good chance that your friends have an account. This makes calling your contacts much easier and you can use video chat (I am not sure if the SIP protocol supports video streams). Also it supports text messaging and that means a Skype client would take care of two things: a good MSN Messenger replacement and calling from a fat PSP. Of course, we might not see such a homebrew application for some time because the Skype protocol is closed.

You can download Furikup 0.1 here. The package contains excellent documentation in the readme.html file, which documents both the installation, finding a SIP provider and setting up an account.

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