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Jan 7 / kkrizka

PSP Become Even More Mobile With GPS

Just a few day ago I touted that the PlayStation Portable could become one of the best mobile devices out there, and that dream is getting a bit closer to become reality. Sony is expecting to announce the GPS functionality in North America and Skype calling, both of which are very useful features on the road.

So to summarize, let me list the PSP features that you can find useful on the road.

  • Web Browser
  • Gaming
  • MP3/Video players
  • Podcast downloading
  • Solar Battery Charging
  • Telephone Calling
  • GPS Locator

I think there are a few more items missing that could make the PlayStation Portable an even better mobile device. It would be really nice if Sony decided to implement them in a later PSP generation. Here is the list:

  • Ditch the UMD drive. UMDs are hard to carry around and take a lot of space. Sony could replace the UMD drive with other additions that I will mention below.
  • Built-in camera. With a built-in camera one could use the PSP to take pictures. The PSP screen is quite large can could provide great previews.
  • Built-in microphone. With Skype integration, PSP could become a great cellphone. The only problem would be that it is a bit large.
  • Bluetooth. I just love Bluetooth enabled devices. They are easy to connect with the computer and you do not have to carry around any cables.
  • E-Mail and RSS Newsfeed client. Both are already available as homebrew applications.
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