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Jan 8 / kkrizka

Good News for Slim and Fat PSP Owners: No More Hardware Upgrades in 2008

With the Skype client becoming only available on PSP Slim, one has to wonder if Sony will release another PSP that will make the last two generations obsolete, but luckily that does not seem to be the case as claimed by John Keller at an UP1 interview at the CES 2008 show. According to Keller, Sony is going to shift focus from hardware additions to firmware additions:

“In the near future, it’s going to be all firmware update additions. If we add anything, it’ll be through firmware updates.” –John Keller, CES 2008

This means that PSP owners will not need to buy another handheld in a year, because all the additions will come for free over the Network Update. However Fat owners might not be as safe and they might want to upgrade to a Slim, because as we seen with the Skype client, the low memory on the older PSP models limits the amount of applications that can run on it. One can be sure that more applications will follow the same path.

If Sony is going to work hard on new firmwares, what would you like them to add? I have already made my wishlist.

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