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Jan 13 / kkrizka

PSP Homebrew Releases for January 13th

As any other Sunday, the PSP world has received many many new homebrew applications. You can download them in a single package here. Just copy its file structure to the root of your memory stick, and you are done. Happy playing!

PSPFlow RC1 (Download)

Makes XMB display your files like Apple’s CoverFlow.

  • A menu for Games Crash! Car and Fall Ball
  • A menu for programs: Lowser and Bermuda CS9 (Special thanks to bumuckl, it already allocated)
  • A music player (especially by us for PSPflow made)
  • Credits
  • An end Icon

Visual Application 0.2 (Download)

A small desktop for your PSP. Includes a text-to-speech synthesizer, calculator and a MP3 player.

  • PSP Slim support

PSP XMB Wallpaper Changer/Randomizer (Download)

Randomly changes the wallpaper of your XMB.

  • Two modes of operation: “Everytime” and “Once per day” (see readme for details)
  • You can set special, predefined images for a specific date (again, check readme)

pspPrank (Download)

Pretends to delete important files on your PSP. Can be used to prank your friends by installing it on their PSP’s.

  • Program auto-exists at end
  • HOME button does not work (disabled on purpose)
  • Uses colors: White, red, blue, green

FlashX 0.5 (D0wnload)

File browser for your PSP that can be used to browse your PSP’s flash and memory stick. This release comes with a Windows XP theme.

  • Graphical improvements

PSPTube 20080113 (Download)

Lets you watch YouTube videos on your PSP.

  • General
    • Dailymotion login be correspond.
    • When video download, file name can be changed.
    • Downloaded video file name can be changed.
    • URL directly input be added.
  • Related Play
    • Present time, full time and buffer information displayed.
    • Can hide comments.
  • Bug fixes
    • Niconico Premier members had search problem. now fixed.
    • When niconico video playing, freeze glitch now fixed
  • Known bug
    • 2X play in the WLAN is unstable, so please do not use.
    • Video’s full time is strange sometimes.

System Player 101 20080113 (Download)

File browser, music player and other cool features that make this a complete portal for your PSP.

  • Under music player you can press Triangle to start the visualizations and circle to stop them.
    • Pressing triangle changes them.
    • There are 5 visualizations.
  • The main menu has been updated and the clock and selection arrow have been fixed.
  • The system info has been fixed with support for all CFW including 3.80 m33
  • The System Browser has been updated and runs faster and more efficiently

PSPDrum 1.0 (Download)

Drum simulator for your PSP.

PSPCAP32 1.3.3 (Download)

Armstad CPC emulator for your PSP.

  • bug fix in green/monochrome default settings
  • improve speed ( 3 fps at 222Mhz)
  • add new hotkeys :
    • settings such as fps, delta_y or render mode can now be directly modified inside the emulator (no need to enter in the settings menu)
    • quick save / quick load current state (no need to enter in the main menu)

DAPES 2 (Download)

Image and picture editor for your PSP similar to MS Paint.

  • Addition of “Selection” tool
  • Addition of “Copy / Paste” tool
  • Amelioration of the keyboard DENZEL (adding capitalization and numbers)
  • Amelioration of the interface
  • Function Paint Bucket finished cepandant the crash LP for an area too large, although the problem is set to the next version

Recovery Translator 4 (Download)

Allows you to change the language of your PSP recovery menu. This application writes to your flash0 memory, so be careful when using it!

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