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Jan 15 / kkrizka

3.80 M33-2 Already Out

It seems like that after a few hours after the 3.80 M33 release, Dark_Alex found several bugs that made him release the first patch for this series. The following is a list of the bugs fixed:

  • Function scePowerGetClockFrequency/scePowerGetClockFrequencyInt was not resolved properly due to a confussion between the two nids applying to the same function. Fixed, this update is necessary for plugins and kernel homebrew reporting psp cpu speed.
  • PSX EBOOT.PBP that have a icon of 80×80 pixels will not be replaced by Dracula icon in savedata.

The cool part about this patch is that it is the first M33 release available through Network Update. So after you have installed 3.80 M33 (guide coming soon!), just use it to download this patch!

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