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Jan 16 / kkrizka

How To Install 3.80 M33 and 3.80 M33-2 On Your PSP

After a short delay, I have put together another guide about installing custom firmwares on your PSP. For those of you that don’t know, custom firmwares allow you to run homebrew applications while keeping the benefits of the original Sony firmware. So far the only custom firmware (and the most popular one) is 3.80M33, that was released by Dark_Alex and Team M33 earlier this week. All the credit goes to them and I suggest visiting their website and donating money via PayPal. One of the features that was added is the ability to update your custom firmware through Network Update, the icon in the System portion of the XMB that you use to install official Sony updates. This means that I will no longer need to write another of these guides, unless they are demanded, in the future. You can try out the Network Update out right after you install 3.80M33, because there is already a patch waiting for you. Happy modding!


  • A fat PSP with firmware version 3.52 M33-3 or greater. The installer will not work with anything lower than this. You can check out my 3.52 M33-4 guide to find out how to upgrade
    • Or a slim PSP with 3.60 M33 firmware. I do not have a slim PSP, so I cannot help you with it. However this seems like a good tutorial on upgrading to 3.60 M33.
  • A memory stick with at least 128 MB of free space
  • Fully charged battery (or just leave it plugged in the power)
  • M33 installation package that includes the SONY official firmware version 3.80, 1.50, 1.50 kernel patch and 3.80M33.
  • Patience to follow this guide step by step

Install 3.80 M33 and 3.80 M33-2

  1. Connect your PSP to the computer via a USB cable.
  2. Copy all files on the memory stick to a hard drive. This is a backup just in case something evil happens, even if it’s unlikely.
  3. Copy the UPDATE folder (found in PSP/GAME folder in the installation package) to the PSP/GAME folder on your PSP.
  4. Disconnect your PSP from the computer
  5. Navigate to the games section of the XMB on your PSP and select the Memory Stick tab
  6. Run the application called “PSP Update ver 3.80″
  7. Press X if asked to correct idstorage keys
  8. Press X after that to continue
  9. You will be asked to install the official 3.80 SONY update; follow their instructions. Don’t worry, the installer will patch it to run homebrew afterwards.
  10. Your PSP will restart automatically after this update is complete
  11. Apply the 3.80 M33-2 patch by going into the System portion of your XMB and pressing update
  12. Connect to your wireless router and wait for the patch to download
  13. The patch installer will be started automatically. You will just need to press the X button to confirm that you want to apply it.
  14. After a minute, your PSP will be restarted automatically.
  15. You now have 3.80 M33-2 on your PSP!

Install 1.50 Homebrew Support For the PSP (FOR FAT PSP ONLY!)

  1. This patch will delete the Location Free Player and the Korean font in order to increase space available. Do not install it if you use these features, use eLoader instead.
  2. Connect your PSP to the computer via a USB cable.
  3. Copy the 150.pbp file from the installation package to the root of your PSP memory stick.
  4. Copy the UPDATE folder (found in PSP/GAME380 folder in the installation package) to the PSP/GAME380 (create, if necessary) folder on your PSP.
  5. Disconnect your PSP from the computer
  6. Navigate to the games section of the XMB on your PSP and select the Memory Stick tab
  7. Run the application called “PSP Update ver 1.50″
  8. Press X to continue
  9. Wait as your PSP paches itself
  10. Your PSP will restart automatically after this update is complete
  11. You can now run 1.50 applications on your 3.80 PSP!


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  1. Andy(pseudonym) / Jan 18 2008

    it says i need 78% battery when my bat is fully charged, ii than tried to remove the battery and use the plug same thing happens

    • duff / Feb 19 2008

      same with mine, plz help karol!!!

  2. Jay s / Jan 18 2008

    I am a total newbie at this i have a new fat psp version 3.71 will this work on that system or brick it? my goal is to be able to get nes games on there. is this the right path to take?

  3. papcy / Jan 19 2008

    i have a problem installing psp 3.80 m33.. i installed 3.80 w/o m33.. how can i install the version with m33? i have my fat psp.. what should i do?

    • Joey / Jan 19 2008

      did you hear anything yet?

    • TanisDevTeam / Oct 18 2008

      downgrade psp

  4. Joey / Jan 19 2008

    i would like to know ….i have already got the 3.80 update w/o realizing that it would not run iso files. but the 3.80 m332 will. my question is can i still upgrade to 3.80 m33 from 3.80???? thnx

  5. Jay s / Jan 19 2008

    so will it work on the new fat psp 3.71??

    • Karol Krizka / Jan 19 2008

      You need custom firmware installed already. Downgrade with Pandora’s Battery first.

      • papcy / Jan 20 2008

        what firmware should i installed? what should i do to my fat psp 3.80 to run the 3.80m33 or 3.80m33-2? can u help me please?

  6. P / Jan 19 2008

    Quick question:

    After installing the 1.50 addon, can you delete the GAME380/UPDATE folder and the 150.pbp file?


    • Karol Krizka / Jan 19 2008

      Yup, you can delete all of the files after the install is finished.

      • Joey / Jan 20 2008

        Man your advice is real helpfull and pretty much point blank.
        One Quick Question… The 1.5 update ..that is to be applied after the 3.80m33 upgrade? Correct?
        Thganks Again
        (Yeah The Pandoras Battery is on ebay for adv for $70.00……)


        • Karol Krizka / Jan 20 2008

          Yup, you apply the 1.50 kernel after you install 3.80M33.

          $70? That sounds kinda steep. Why not just buy a normal Sony battery for half that price and convert it yourself? It is not that hard if you find the right guide.

  7. Stening / Jan 20 2008

    Hi just installed the 3.52 M33-4 firmware and now i wont to install 3.80 M33-2, but when i run the PSP update ver 3.80 found i the instalation package, it says i need v. 3.52 M33-3 or higer, but i have checked the system information wich says im runing 3.53 M33-4… could some one plz help me on this one

    • TanisDevTeam / Oct 18 2008

      hold down R when you turn on the PSP. this goes to recovery mode. then go to advnced, and down to kernel mode. it will say 1.50 so click it and t will change to 3.52 press exit and again it will take you to the XMB. then install 3.80

  8. RBH / Jan 20 2008

    Same problem as Stening above. The 3.80 M33 installer isn’t recognizing that I just upgraded my 3.52 M33 to M33-4. PSP system information confirms that M33-4 update worked. Any suggestions?

    • Karol Krizka / Jan 20 2008

      I’ve seen that problem posted on the forums, but I am not sure if there is a solution. You should check those forums out.

      • RBH / Jan 20 2008

        I think I found it. Maybe because of the previous 3.40 OE firmware I was running, the kernel was set to 1.50, which was why my 3.52 MM3-4 wasn’t being detected. These instructions (from larrylje on the psp forums)worked for me:

        “Turn off your PSP.

        Now turn it on while holding down the R-Trigger button.

        This will boot the recovery menu.

        Go to configuration and under GAME KERNEL set it to 3.52 then exit out of the recovery menu.

        Now try running the 3.71 M33 update.”

        Thanks Karol!!

        • Karol Krizka / Jan 20 2008

          Thanks for sharing the solution!

        • ajeet / Aug 14 2008

          hi karol
          i’m new to all these plz help me.
          i’m using a fat psp with 2.81 firmwire(official)
          can u plz help me upgrade it to a custom firmwire to run homebrews

  9. Joey / Jan 20 2008

    The Pandoras battery from what i hear can only be applied and managed on a psp that has the 1.5 kernel installed…. so i would not be able to create a pandoras battery using 3.80 form sony..unless i am wrong i have been supplied with bogus info.]
    Karol Krizka Is The man You All!!!!!

  10. Rivera / Jan 24 2008

    Hi Karol! Please help me!
    I have a slim PSP with version is 3.71-M33.
    I’ve followed your tut and have updated my PSP to 3.80. Then when I try to update to 3.80-M33-2, it’s didn’t allow me. Please help me out with it!
    (I’m from Vietnam, and I’m newbie with these homebrew stuffs, and sorry for my English if it’s so bad)
    Hope to here from you soon!

  11. Bdizzle / Mar 27 2008

    Any body looking for a pandora battery should go to They are paypal verified and the battery works great. They are $12.99 and only five dollars shipping. It ships out of Hong Kong, so it may take a couple of weeks to deliver, but well worth it. I got mine in 2 weeks flat. In order to use it though, you will also need to purchase or make your own magic memory stick. I would recommend downloading the ultimatepandorapack. It has step by step instructions and you don’t need to follow the battery part if you already have one,(although it is also very useful.) It is best to make the magic memory stick on a 256 or 512mb. memory stick. You can get a 512 for 10 bucks nearly anywhere, and you probably don’t want to use the stick for anything else just in case your psp ever bricks. Hope this helps.

    • Karol Krizka / Mar 28 2008

      Thanks for sharing. I added the link to the Places to Buy Pandora’s Batteries list.

  12. jonah / Mar 28 2008

    i have psp version 3.9 i want to get custom firmware 3.9m33-2 i have it downloaded and then i play it and then it works then 10 seconds later it says “the game could not be started (80020148)”
    what does that mean and what do i do to fix it so i can get the custom firmware

    • Karol Krizka / Mar 28 2008

      You need to do what this posts does. You need to create a Pandora’s Battery to install 3.90M33-2.

  13. DIANNE / May 5 2008

    hi, after i installed the 3.80 M33 i did not see any 3.80 M33-2 patch, what will i do? please help me.

  14. DIANNE / May 5 2008

    hi, after i installed the 3.80 M33 i did not see any 3.80 M33-2 patch. What will i do to install the 3.80 M33-2? please help me…

  15. Brian / May 18 2008

    Hi, I noticed no one replied to Dianne. I’m having the same problem, as I don’t have a wireless router and hence am stuck getting the M33-2 patch. Can anyone help?

  16. nabster / May 29 2008

    I have PSP Slim & Lite. I want to know that how can I install Softwares like (MP4 or MP3player) on PSP. I have downloaded the softwares from internet. SO PLS Help me

  17. doogie / Jul 26 2008

    Hey. I followed your steps but my FAT PSP says I’m now running 4.01 M33-2 and I’ve lost the ability to play homebrew. I can play .ISOs, though. Was this supposed to happen? Can I restore the homebrew ability?

  18. Karnt Dewit / Aug 4 2008

    Followed instructions to the letter.Update froze at 99%.Now have brick!!
    Any suggestions welcome.Updated from 3.52 M33-4. Received error code at 99% and could go no further.

  19. aj / Aug 9 2008

    hey i have a fat 3.71 aand when i try to install 3.80 m33 it says that the game could not be started then gives a error code.
    i really dont want to end up using a pandoras battery
    any suggestions?

    • tushki / May 12 2009

      hey i know a better way of doing this make a pandora battery but im going to tell you a way in which you dont have to create a pandora battery by cutting it so,first u have to make a pandora battery(this is for those who dont have a pandora battery)
      a spare psp battery
      so lets get started:
      I. Get ready (Reformat PSP memory stick)
      Before you get started with the downgrade, you need to reformat your PSP memory stick. If you don’t know how to reformat it, you can refer to the steps below:

      1. Press the HOME button on the bottom left of your PSP.

      2. Use the arrow keys to move to the Settings area, then move the up and down keys to go to System Settings.

      3. Push the “X” button (or the “O” button, depending on which button is the “Enter” button of your PSP) and scroll to find the “Format Memory Stick” option. Push the “X” button again to select this option.

      4. Your PSP will now confirm that you want to reformat the memory stick, choose Yes and your PSP will be physically formatted in a few seconds.

      To do the downgrade, you also need to download an application pack. Click here to Download Pandora Battery Application Pack. After the downloading is finished, what you get will be a compressed application pack named “pandora”, decompress it to the root directory of a hard disc, say Disc H. In this “pandora” folder, you can see four folders including mspformat, msinst, battery and installer, and a file named UPDATE.PBP.

      Now you are ALL ready to turn your PSP battery to a Pandora’s battery and use it to downgrade any PSP!

      II.Turn your PSP battery into a padora’s battery
      Step 1: Logically reformat your PSP Connect your PSP to your computer. And your PSP will be recognized as a new hard disc, say K. Then click Start -> Run, input cmd in the popped up dialog box, and click OK to enter DOS system. Use the below commands one by one to run the mspformat file: Input “H:”, and press the “Enter” Key on your keyboard. (Here H is the disc where the “panndora” folder is located) Input “cd pandora” and press the “Enter” Key on your keyboard. Input “cd mspformat” and press the “Enter” Key on your keyboard. Then input “mspformat.exe K” and press the “Enter” Key on your keyboard. (Here K is the name of the disc that your PSP is recognized on your computer.) After these commands, your PSP will be logically reformatted in a minute.

      Step 2: Open the recognized PSP hard disc on your computer, create a new folder and name it “psp”, open this “psp” folder, create a new folder and name it “game”. Copy and paste the “installer” folder and the “battery” folder into the “game” folder. Then copy and paste the UPDATE.PBP file to the root directory of the PSP hard disc on your computer.

      Step 3: On your PSP, switch to the Game option, press X or O (depending on which is the “Enter” key of your PSP). Go to “installer” and press X or O to run it.

      In a few seconds, a file named “msipl.bin” will be created on the root directory of your PSP memory disc. And now, you should take out your memory disc and then put it back in, which seems to be useless but is a very necessary step.

      Step 4: Connect to your PSP back to your computer. Then enter DOS system as mentioned in Step 1. Use the below commands one by one to run the mspformat file:

      Input “H:”, and press the “Enter” Key on your keyboard.

      Input “cd pandora” and press the “Enter” Key on your keyboard.

      Input “cd minst” and press the “Enter” Key on your keyboard.

      Then input “msinst.exe K K:msipl.bin ” and press the “Enter” Key on your keyboard. (Here K is the name of the disc that your PSP is recognized on your computer.)

      When you see a popped up message asking if you are sure, click “Yes”.

      Step 5: Go back to your PSP, switch to the Game option, press X or O (depending on which is the “Enter” key of your PSP). Go to “battery” and press X or O to run it, press X or O to OK every popped up message to finish running the battery application.

      Now, your pandora’s battery has been created!

      III. Use the created pandora’s battery to downgrade your PSP
      After you turn your batter to a PSP downgrade battery (pandora’s battery), you can use it to downgrade your PSP by following the instructions below:

      Take out your PSP Memory Stick and battery, then put back in your PSP Memory Stick first, and put your battery back in.Turn your PSP power on, when you see three options; select the Downgrade option, your PSP will be downgraded in a very short time and it will be automatically shut down afterwards.Turn your PSP on again, and you will see a blue screen. But no worries, you can just press the O key, and your PSP system is already version 1.5!

      Note: The above process will turn your PSP battery to a pandora’s battery that can be used for PSP downgrade. But the pandora’s battery cannot be used to play PSP games, videos or music. And the process is not reversible. You will need to get an additional PSP battery for regular uses. However, you can use your pandora’s battery to downgrade any PSP to version 1.5 or even repair you PSP
      so after this ur psp will be downgrade then u can upgrade it to any version so if any questiond ten ask me at

  20. christian / Aug 23 2008

    how can you put a cfw on another psp slim cuz i have 2 of them one is mine and the other is my friends and he has 3.71 m33 but i wanna have it to on mine how can you do it

  21. ANDREW / Sep 7 2008

    i have a version 3.80 and i want to get to 3.80m33-4 but it won’t allow me to. What should i do?

  22. irishbloke / Oct 14 2008

    Ok the “Wireless” update to m33-2 feature after you get 3.80 m33 working doest seem to work, followed the steps but it didnt work.

  23. irishbloke / Oct 14 2008

    To apply the updates m33-2 skip step 11;
    “Apply the 3.80 M33-2 patch by going into the System portion of your XMB and pressing update”

    Go here to get the 3.80 m33-5 update;

    Copy the UPDATE Folder from the Zip file to your PSP/GAME/ Folder and run the 2.80 m33-5 update from the game menu as before.

  24. Sunshine / Nov 11 2008

    I want you to know that I am considered a PSP noobie, but now, I consider myself and ameture. My original PSP version was 2.8. I had a friend downgrade it to 1.5 then up grade to 3.40 OE-A. I have lived this was since the release of 3.40 OE-A. I upgraded from that point up to 5.00 M33-3 all by myself. I am so proud. It was really do to you, Karol Krizka. Thank you so very much.

  25. reddwarf / Feb 20 2009

    Wow man, Thank you so much for this! I originally had 3.40 OE-A and after following all your instructions its now fully updated with all shiny features! THANK YOUUUUSs!

  26. David / Mar 8 2009


  27. Robi / Apr 25 2009

    hy there i have psp slim, and i would want to try out to install the m33 on it. the thing is will i crash the psp?:-/ please i need an answer:()

  28. Donald / May 4 2009

    Hi, I’m stucked with the software version 3.52 m33-4, when I try to update to version 3.80 M33 it keep saying that it needs 3.52 m3-3 or higher and in actual facts I have that version. Can you please help me?

  29. tushki / May 12 2009


  30. Kevin / Jun 12 2009

    hi, i have psp fat 3.52 m33-4, trying to update to 3.80 m33.

    followed ur instructions. But i never reached step9, the psp automatically restarted after step8. After which i cant do any updating (steps11-13). My wireless is working fine (can access internet thru web browsers).

    Could u help me on this? Thanks in advance!

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