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Jan 18 / kkrizka

Ideal Case For A PSP Comming In the Form Of A Keyboard


I have wanted to blog about this idea for some time, but I just did not have the time uptil now. Do you remember the announcement at the Customer Electronics Show about an official keyboard add-on for the PSP? If not, look at the picture above, which is the unofficial mock-up of the keyboard that is to come out next year. Now do you notice two little rubber stoppers at the bottom of it? Well, it seems like the artist behind the picture though it would be a good idea if you could fold up the keyboard. I also think that it is a good idea for two reasons: 1) It is a good way to store it 2) It protects your screen. What you basically have there is the perfect carry case for your PSP! Your screen will be protected and you won’t have to use the terrible on-screen keyboard present on most mobile devices.

I guess the only improvement that could be done is if the keyboard could cover the entire PSP, so more than your screen is protected. What do you think?

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