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Jan 26 / kkrizka

Who Should You Vote For?

I am generally not very interested in politics, especially not the upcoming 2008 US Presidential election (I’m Canadian). However today I managed to stumble across an online quiz worth sharing that was put out by On The Issue, a political information repository site. This quiz is similar to the many that will “predict” your major or guess what operating system you are, but instead of fun topics it focuses on a more serious one: which of the candidates best matches your beliefs. The entire quiz is well done, because it provides an explanation for each question asked, including the legal history, some “moral” background” and buzz words used by the candidates in their speeches.

Anyways, according to its result I should support:

Hillary Clinton

How about you? Take the quiz and find out your best matched presidential candidate. (By the way, don’t use the quiz for your final decision 😛 )

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