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Jan 30 / kkrizka

North American PSP Game Releases – Week of January 27th


Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice
Genre: Racing Action
Release Date: January 29, 2008
In Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice, the gangs, hoodlums and ruffians of Capital City are out of control. Needless to say, it’s up to you to, literally, drive them out of town. However, that’s trickier than it sounds, thanks to the introduction of new gangs specialising in their own forms of chaos. Plus, you’ve now got to deal with a rival squad of “heavy-handed” police called the Viper division. Thankfully, you’ve got a string of vehicles at your disposal and can leap between planes, hovercraft, jet skis, tanks, trains and helicopters in your pursuit of justice. Other new features include a a “Justice Bar” that helps you to regain strength and prolong missions and a four-player wireless mode for multiplayer pursuits.

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  1. WMF / Jan 28 2010

    I’m afraid you are mistaken. Firmware update 3.15 gave you the ability to play PSP MINI games on the PS3, not the regular PSP games. You can’t play Kingdom Hearts yada yada yada unless its a PSP Mini game. And last time I checked, there aren’t that many PSP Mini games in the PSN Store.

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