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Jan 31 / kkrizka

3.90M33 Created In Two Days

It seems that Sony did not change much in the core of the 3.90 firmware for PlayStation Portables, because Dark_Alex has released a custom edition of the firmware just in two days. In addition to the Skype functionality in PSP Slims, Dark_Alex fixed the following:

  • March33 NO UMD: fixed (yet another) bug related with exiting with home. (infinite semaphore wait)
  • The degeneration check and correction of IDS keys happens too in 3.71 now.
  • Added code to download 3.90 PBP from net via wifi. Note that his code is not yet 100 stable, it may crash when selecting AP. In that case, reinit the installer.
  • L triangle has been restored as method to bypass battery. If you already have 390.PBP keep those buttons pressed until you see “Veryfing 390.PBP”. If the 390.PBP is being downloaded bia wifi, press those buttons at the end of download until you see the previous sentence.

As you can see, the Network Update is not perfect yet because you need to download the official 3.90 eboot from somewhere (HINT: Official Sony website or urPSP) and place the EBOOT in the PSP/UPDATE folder as 390.PBP. I am not 100% sure about this, because I do not have my PSP with me at the moment to test it out. But placing the file there should not cause any problems anyways.

Of course you can update directly to 3.90 M33 from any other custom firmware above and including 3.52 M33-3. Just download the installation package and copy the file structure to your memory stick. The rest of the process should be similar to that of installing 3.80M33, which I already documented. Also note that you need to be running custom firmware to install 3.90M33. You CANNOT DO THIS FROM THE OFFICIAL 3.80 OR 3.90 SONY FIRMWARE due to the inability to run homebrew code. Luckily, you can still use Pandora’s Battery to install the custom firmware.

As a final note, certain homebrew PSP applications need the 1.50 kernel patch to run. This patch has to be applied after you upgraded to 3.90M33 (even if you already applied it for 3.80M33), and is only available for PSP Fats. The installation is quite simple, just download the patch, copy the file structure to your memory stick and run the installer from your XMB menu. PSP Slim owners can use the ELoader application to launch games based on the 1.50 kernel.

UPDATE: The 3.90M33 installer can download the official 3.90 eboot from the Sony website. This means that you do not need to download it manually.


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  1. spiritofcat / Jan 31 2008

    I assume fat PSPs can use that ELoader app too if we can’t be bothered re-installing the 1.50 kernel patch every time a new CFW comes out?

    • Karol Krizka / Jan 31 2008

      I would suppose so, from what I remember eloader was used on Fats a long time ago to start applications. But I still think that the 1.50 patch is more comfortable in the long run. 😛 After all, major M33 updates don’t come out that often.

  2. gnome / Feb 1 2008

    What does 3.90M33 give you in real functionality on a FAT? You don’t get Skype do you? So is there any reason to make the move?

    • Karol Krizka / Feb 1 2008

      Nope, none at all.

      • spiritofcat / Feb 3 2008

        The only reason would be games that require 3.90 to run.

  3. Oliver :) / Feb 8 2008

    Hi all,

    Has anyone updated to 3.90M33 already? I’ve read lots of feedback that this cfw fixed the lag on games e.g. tekken, nfs carbon, mfh2…

    Care to comment.


    More power to Karol!

  4. jonah / Mar 28 2008

    i have psp version 3.9 i want to get custom firmware 3.9m33-2 i have it downloaded and then i play it and then it works then 10 seconds later it says “the game could not be started (80020148)”
    what does that mean and what do i do to fix it so i can get the custom firmware

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