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Feb 1 / kkrizka

Fat PSP Owners Not Left Out Of The PSP Phone Loop

Skype might be available only for PSP Slims, but that does not mean that owners of the original PSP Fats will not be able to make any calls. Sony has announced a few days ago that they are planning to release their own video messaging application called Go!Messenger. This messenger will run on any PSP and will allow PSP owners to video chat (using Go!Cam), audio chat or send simple text (from a “new and intuitive on-screen keyboard”)messages from anywhere there is a wireless access point. Quite cool, eh? You can see the announcement below along with a demonstration of its features.

Now for the bad news, Go!Messenger will only be available for Europeans because there is no Go!Cam in North America and there are no plans for it to be release anytime soon. I am hoping that Sony will soon fix this…

Finally I think that this is another step in making the PlayStation Portable console one of the best mobile devices out there. If in the third generation they include a built-in camera or at least a microphone, then it can come very close to replacing your cellphone.

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