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Feb 10 / kkrizka

What Is Pandora’s Battery?

If you just bought a new PlayStation Portable, then you probably came upon the term “Pandora’s Battery”. That is the answer that most forums will give you if you ask how to play downloaded games or mod your PSP in other ways. But what exactly is a Pandora’s Battery? I will try to describe in this post what this magical device is and what it is good for.

Many PSP owners want to run homebrew applications and backed up ISO games on their handheld gaming console, but to do that they need to install custom firmware. However that can be quite tricky, because Sony will not allow you to run the installer. This lead homebrew hackers (most notably Dark_Alex and Team Noobz) to find exploits to get around these restrictions placed in the official Sony firmware, and the latest of which is the Pandora’s Battery. It is basically a modified battery that overrides the system boot code and runs the installer instead of starting up your PSP.

With it you to can install custom firmware one any PSP, including ones that run the latest official firmwares 3.71, 3.80 and 3.90! Actually it is the only method for installing custom firmwares on those firmwares. There are two variations of the Pandora’s Battery: the softmod and the hardmod.

The softmodded battery is created by running an homebrew application on the PSP to change some settings on the battery. But as you probably realized, to run the homebrew application you need custom firmware, and therefore an already modded PSP. If you do not have any friends that can help you, there are always people on different forums that will meet with you (or you can send them your PSP) and use their PSP to softmod your battery. If this is something you would like to do, check out the DarkMessiah site for a complete list of such people, and just send them a PM telling them that you are interested in their service.

The other option is to change those settings in the battery physically, and thus create a hardmodded battery. By cutting a certain pin in the battery, you can force it to always override the PSP bootcode. Of course, you can still use the same battery to power your PSP by reattaching that pin back in with a graphite pencil or use a boot-loader application, like Extended Pandora Bootloader, to pick between booting your magic memory stick and PSP. But the whole process requires a bit of engineering skill or the patience to follow a good guide, so it is not recommended for everyone. Luckily there are also places one can buy a hardmodded Pandora’s Battery.

There is one more part in the Pandora’s Battery, and it is the magic memory stick. Magic memory stick is basically your standard Pro Duo memory stick with a special code inserted into its first few bytes that will allow your PSP to boot from it. The magic memory stick is created from a computer, and the process is documented by almost every Pandora’s Battery guide, so it should not be a problem for anyone. However note that having just a magic memory stick is not enough, because you also need to tell your PSP to read those first few special bytes; that is what your modified battery will do.


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  1. MATHUR / May 18 2009

    I have a psp 3006 and its looks like it is bricked. Is there anyway of repairing it?

    It would be really a great help if you could show me the way out.


  2. pandora battery / Jul 6 2009

    @ MATHUR:
    Unfortunately there is no way to unbrick the new PSP-3000 models. You’ll have to wait until the new Pandora battery comes out.


  3. im_a_battery / Jul 30 2009

    the greatest guide i’ve ever seen.
    and here is the greatest pandora battery you can get at ishopvideogame.

  4. Ray Fitch / Apr 27 2010

    Pandora batteries are great however the process to get them loaded is a pain. Better to just buy one online because they’re so cheap.

    pandora battery

  5. hen dos / Jun 20 2010

    I’m a noob and was wondering if anyone could answer this question or direct me to where i can get this question answered? Thanks in advance. Well I’m planning to buy a PSP 1000. I’m fairly certain that it has 6.02 ofw but there is the possibility that it might be 5.02. If it was either one of those two could I use this tutorial to hack it. I also have access to Pandora battery if need be. Thanks once again.

  6. tom / Jul 16 2010

    are all of you poor? if so then stop playing games and get a job and then with that job go and get a life.
    i hope you are all in high school.

    • edd / Jul 22 2010

      and what if we have both and enjoy playing games for fun or to kill time?? what’s stopping us? jesus?

    • Colin / May 1 2011

      @ Tom

      lol here’s a guy telling people to get a life, when clearly he spends his own free time scouring for forums to make witless comments on….

      anyway thanx for info!!

    • yo mama / Dec 14 2011

      i hope yo mama’s in high schoo, ohhhh!

    • wat / Dec 17 2011

      this fool is one stupid ass troll. Come online and make stupid comment, but yet lives in his parent basement playing games and jerking all day, and still have the small balls of a troll to say this shit……wow dude ur fcken cool

      • r4 / Apr 10 2012

        Pandora batteries is great for PlayStation Portable ,i have one psp 3000.

  7. Taobaodao / Jul 18 2010

    Taobaodao have a lot of pandoras-battery,the url is

  8. Ronnel / Aug 12 2010

    Hello, I have successfully hacked my psp 3000 (system software 5.03) to (system software 5.03 Gen-c full) without a pandora battery..However, whenever I replace the battery with a charged one, it reverts back to the original firmware (system software 5.03).. How can I avoid this? May someone please respond to this comment.. Will greatly appreciate your responses.. Thank you

    • dome / Mar 5 2011

      just offur psp 12 times

  9. Robin 3DS Cards / Apr 1 2011

    Many thanks.It would be really a great help if you could show me the way out.
    the greatest guide i’ve ever seen.

  10. Joannen3dscards / Apr 1 2011

    I like the saying of pandora battery which will make a memory stick about your psp using. Most interesting here.I also have access to Pandora battery if need be.

  11. flakefrost / Apr 13 2011

    overclocking psp’s sounds interesting :)

  12. Ped / May 8 2011

    Hello .. I got PSP 3000 and already hack but if i shutdown or take out battery My software is gone. So, i have to hack again . Can i completely hack. Thank you

  13. Pakken / Jun 6 2011

    I have a blue madden psp 2001. I heard it is 50% hackable. if I have 6.37, can I use pandora and mms to get to a cfw, like any version cfw?

  14. ARNEL / Jun 25 2011

    sir im the one posted that your instructions in recovery menu is solve the problem when my psp during game will closed and during restart is blank screen or black. But after few days the sony psp created another problem. once i turn on it will not boot but only a blinking orange power ligth indicator and have a second dispaly then it will turn to no dispaly with only orange blinking ligth. i tried to come in recovery menu but it will hang and display will off with blinking ligth orange again.

    sir just give me another idea how to resolve this. It just a hardware or software related to the battery when bootup then charge it?

    Thanks again


  15. sajid equbal / Jun 26 2011

    i have psp3006 having version 6.37 how can i play iso and cso games

  16. R4I / Jul 5 2011

    Hi,i have a PSP 2000,i want to buy one pandoras-battery.

  17. Tommy Stapleton / Jan 22 2012

    I have a psp 1001 b. We used custom firmware 6.02 or something. After a week I backed up the vsh and resources but now I tried to update and it crashed. When we turn it on the green light comes on for a few minutes then goes off that is all it does. I am in college at itt technical institute in Huntington, wv. I can get a Pandora battery, or a special memory stick. What else can I do I am a programmer of 9 languages. Thanks for all your help…

  18. neville aka gadgetboy / Feb 1 2012

    i hav a psp 2004 th t had a firmware 6.35,i tryed to hack it so that i cld play iso games,i dnt noe wat hpnd i left it on and wen i came bck it was off,i tryd switching it on,but now it wnt turn on,only the green led is on,wh t should i do please help

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