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Feb 14 / kkrizka

3.90 M33#2 and Other Improvements From Dark_Alex

It seems that the famous PSP homebrew developer Dark_Alex has been quite busy over the last week, because he has released several improvements for his custom firmware. First of all, he released a new patch for his 3.90 M33 firmware that increases the speed with which plugins are being loaded and started the integration of Time Machine, anambitious project to run 1.50 kernel code on the Slim PSPs. You can install the update only if you are running 3.90M33 already by using the Network Updater or downloading the 3.90 M33-2 patch from urPSP. Otherwise you will need to install the base 3.90 M33 firmware..

Another update is the 8GB memory fix that should fix the problems some of you have been having with 8GB Sony Pro Duo memory sticks. It is still in the early stages of development, so there are many limitations to it. For example, you need to have it plugged in at all times and you have to apply the patch manually by editing the flash0 memory, a very dangerous process! If you feel like you’re up to it, you can find the latest version here.

And the last, but not the least, improvement is for PSP Fat owners only. Some of you might have noticed lag during games due to slow memory stick access with 3.80 M33 and 3.90 M33. Dark_Alex thinks he found the problem to be with  updated code in the firmwares and decided to port some code from 3.71 M33 to fix it. You can download the patch along with the installer here to speed up your game playing experience on 3.80 M33 and 3.90M33. Many people on forums say it solved their problems!


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  1. Oliver :) / Feb 15 2008

    Hi Karol,

    There’s a problem on download…its filesize says 0 bytes.


    • Karol Krizka / Feb 15 2008

      Thanks for noticing it, it seems like I named the file different from the link. It has been fixed now!

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