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Feb 15 / kkrizka

New Default Ubuntu Wallpaper

After installing all of the latest updates to Ubuntu Hardy Heron, I noticed they made a major change to the theme: there is a new default wallpaper on the GNOME desktop. It is still based on the brown Ubuntu color scheme, but at least it is more cheery. I wonder if this thread had anything to do with the sudden change


The above is a screenshot of the new wallpaper. I quite like it, especially since it sports a painting of a heron; the animal that the version is being named after!  I think it shows a bit of originality on the part of the Ubuntu Artwork team, as it is not just a brown gradient anymore.

If you like the wallpaper too, you can download a copy from GNOME-Look.


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  1. Miguel / Feb 16 2008

    Wow, Ubuntu gets a new wallpaper!. What an amazing progress!. I just hope that Ubuntu Heron to have something better to offer than what we’ve seen already.

    By the way, the wallpaper, pretty boring, too dark, too browwwn!. Just boring and ‘stylish-less’.

  2. andrewsomething / Feb 16 2008


    What, you mean like a new BitTorrent client, a new VNC client, a new CD/DVD burning application, PulseAudio integration, and an updated kernel and version of Gnome? I think that’s a lot to offer so far.


    I believe that the default wallpaper in the Alpha will be changing weekly for a while to get feedback on some different wallpapers.

  3. Miguel / Feb 16 2008

    Well, there’s some interesting features like pulseaudio support and some new firewall things. But adding transmission, brasero… whatever is not a remarkable thing. It’s something it’s already there and they (ubuntu) eventually decides to use it and that’s it. Most of people surely had that apps already in 7.x. The same for the kernel. Obviously they had to compile it, tweak it and all that but I have already the newest kernel: within two days after being launched, opensuse released it as an update. I want to dismiss Ubuntu’s developers work, I’m just saying that Ubuntu release is just like Gnome releases: a bit of change here, a bit of change there but never big improvements.

  4. Tada / Feb 17 2008


  5. Tada / Feb 17 2008

    @|~@#€@# site with lame challenges to prove you are human, made mme lose my message. So reposting it.

    Miguel shut the fuck up? Next time you want to complaint about lack of features in an alpha release you haven’t even tried, just shut up. Next time you want to advertize such a sold out distro openSUSE is: SHUT UP. And next time you want to complaint about how quickly the kernel gets to a distro, learn that kernels are often packaged quite fast for ubuntu, you just need to want them. So , please , STFU.

  6. Miguel / Feb 19 2008

    First of all, obviously, I meant ‘I DON’T want to dismiss…’

    I have tried to be as polited as I can. I have not insulted anyone. It’s a shame you had.

    Acussing me of being an opensuse zealot has nothing to be with what I’ve said. I’ve talked of opensuse because it’s I what I use daily not for any other reason. Change in the phrase ‘opensuse’ by ‘mandriva’ or whatever and the meaning will be the same!. You obviously had no clue what I really meant.

    I belive that feedback form the community is gourgeous as I helps to improve distros, desktops… Developers get an injection of reality form users. Isn’t it?. That’s why I comment. Tada, I hope you can eventually understand this and be less rude in you responses next time.

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