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Feb 22 / kkrizka

My Thoughts On The PSP Phone Mock-up


The above is a mock-up of the future PSP Phone published in a magazine quite some time ago. Please note that the mock-up does not come from Sony, so it does not in any way resemble the actual design of the phone. However it is still quite interesting to see what different people hope for. I am always happy to post about those dream designs and offer my views on them.

As for this particular design, I do not think that it will be good for games due to the difference in height of the buttons. I think the gaming buttons should be always at the same level for optimum gaming performance, because it just makes it easier to hold the PSP and mash them quickly. Since playability is very important for a gaming phone, this is a big problem. I think it can be fixed just with rearranging some of the features of the phone, but more on that later.

Also the buttons seem to be very close together, but that might just be due to the scale of the image. This does not seem to be avoidable in a PSP/phone combination, because cell phones are traditionally small. While I agree that we will definitely loose some comfort from it, it is just a compromise for a small and highly-portable unit.

Other than that, I think the design is quite sleek and pretty. However due to the first problem stated above, I think the design will just not work.

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