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Feb 24 / kkrizka

Mac OS X Look-alike PSP Portal

This was originally supposed to be a tutorial on how to install a full featured portal on your PSP and how you can use it to play simple Flash games even on the official PSP firmware. But I did not find out until the after I finished writing the installation/usage instructions that the portal that I chose as my example was still at a very early stage in the development, and did not haveany games. Nevertheless, I think the portal is still very cool and good looking so I decided to publish the tutorial anyways. In the future look forward to a better tutorial coverting a more advanced portal, like littevish’s Galaxy portal.

The portal that I will be covering in this tutorial is Mac OS X Leopard 0.2 by the Dolphin Projects team. You can download it from its official website or from the urPSP homebrew database. It mimics the looks of Apple’s Mac OS X operating system, but if you are not a Apple fanboy, you should also check out urPSP’s portal section to see other choices.

The requirements are very simple, and almost every PSP should meet them.

Installation Instructions

  1. Connect your PSP to your computer and set it into the USB mode.
  2. Unpack the archive and look inside the MacOSXLeopard-0.2 folder. Inside of it you will find another folder called Mac OS X Leopard. I suggest renaming it to something simpler to type using the crappy PSP on screen keyboard, for example MacOSX.
  3. Copy the newly renamed MacOSX folder onto the root of your memory stick and disconnect your PSP from the computer.
  4. That is it, you now have the Mac OS X Leopard PSP Portal installed. Read on to see how to use it!

Usage Instructions

  1. Start up the Internet Browser from the XMB menu.
  2. Select the File menu and click Address Entry
  3. Enter in the URL exactly as follows: file:/MacOSX/index.html and hit Start.
  4. You should see the create user page as pictured above. Enter in a username and password that you want to use in the future. Hit the create button to continue.
  5. You will now see the login page. Before you continue, make sure to bookmark this page! This way you won’t have to type in the full URL again to access it.
  6. Enter in the username and password you just crated and hit the Log in button.
  7. screenshot020bmp.png
    You finally have a Mac OS X desktop on your PSP. Feel free to explore it and see if you find any useful applications. This portal is still fairly new, so there is not much to do yet. I suggest that you subscribe to the package feed on the urPSP website to have updates delivered directly to your mailbox or news reader!


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  1. spiritofcat / Feb 25 2008

    Ah, so that’s how you access html files stored on the PSP.
    I was trying to work that out when I first got my PSP, but I ended up just getting an eBook reader homebrew application instead.

    This idea of portals sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out some more.

  2. Tito / May 21 2009

    When i press start it says the content cannot be displayed

  3. supdudelater / Jun 16 2009

    he lied you have to have cfw not ofw
    or i did the same thing on a ofw psp(mine)
    then on a cfw(myfriend) for my friend and me it didnt work on mine just his cfw

  4. Nick / Jul 14 2009

    You don’t need CFW you just need a memory card.

  5. jose / Jun 26 2010

    i really want to be on macpocket
    somebody help me

  6. psp / Jul 12 2010

    i dont understand were to get a download from

  7. mickey / Nov 2 2010

    plz…somebody plz help me..i really like this but seriously not understand how to plz..

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