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Feb 28 / kkrizka

Installing the Google Talkback Widget


If you don’t already know, Google has been doing a lot of work in the field of internet communication. First of all, they released GMail, which was supposed to redefine email with a better interface and more space. Then they released GTalk, an instant messenger, and integrated it into GMail and other Google services. This integration is one reason why I like Google, and they even increased the integration with the release of the Talkback widget. The widget can be installed into any blog or a website, and allows anybody (Google account not required, unlike with the old Yahoo button) to instantly talk to you from anywhere. Google is not the only company that offers such live chat, as there are already many other sites that already offer a similiar service.

I think that this is a pretty fun feature for bloggers to have, so I have already added the widget to the right sidebar. If you can’t find it, it is the big bubble above my name that says “Chat With Karol Krizka”. Feel free to click on it and start talking!


If you think that the Google widget is right for your site, then the installation instructions are quite simple. Just go to the Google Talkback setup site, change some settings and copy-pastethe generated HTML code into your site. The next step is to login into GTalk through either your favourite IM client or the GMail website, and wait.

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  1. Piyush / Feb 4 2011

    Sounds Interesting..Thanks

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