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Feb 28 / kkrizka

The Future Cellphone


The above is a picture of a concept cell phone created by designer Qian Jiang. It is made out of sillica gel and operates largely based on the pressure used while squeezing it, for example a hard squeeze means that an incoming call will be dropped. I think that the pressure based interactivity is a good idea, because it simpilies the interface and makes it easier to use without looking. However I don’t think it looks too good, but it still shows that the futuristic version of a device might not look the same as they do now.

Even though it is not going to be manufactured anytime soon, PhysOrg suggests that the technology behind it is available today.


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  1. Jia / Feb 28 2008

    Seems like a weird concept to me..But we never know how things will progress in the coming years

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