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Mar 2 / kkrizka

Breaking the 100 Subscribers Barrier

Over the last few months, this blog has made some great progress. The first being the 100th published posts, then breaking the top 100000 blogs as ranked by Technorati and now I can also claim over 100 subscribers as measured by Feedburner. I have been oscillating around the magic 100 for the last few days, but now it has grown more stable and I am happy to announce it as a fact that will hopefully be true for some time to come. You can now see my live subscriber count via the Feedburner widget embedded in my sidebar.


There are a few things that I think helped me meet this goal. First of all, the addition of the Subscribe by E-Mail box allowed me to reach a broader audience as not everybody know how to use an RSS reader. But almost everyone has an email account. Also advertising that subscriptions are available on the sidebar an in big bold fontat the end of every post helped. And finally my daily summaries of homebrew PSP releases seemed to play a big factor. Everytime I was too busy to create a list, my subscription count started to drop. But as soon I started them up again, the count rose higher.

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