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Mar 5 / kkrizka

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Do you remember the post I made about the futuristic cell phone a while back? Well, it was originally posted on the Yanoko Design blog, a blog dedicated to showcasing the latest and coolest in industrial design and concepts. They post about 2 new design everyday, all of which are quite spectacular and unique. Best of all, the posts are mostly pictures with no words, so it is a great blog for some relaxation web browsing. That is why I suggest that you subscribe to their RSS feed.

The picture above is of the Easy Plugs, outlets which make unplugging cables very easy and simple.

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  1. Law LLM / Jan 5 2012

    i have registered a website. How ever i would like to run that on my own.
    I am not having tech skills to update on daily basis.
    I have seen certain websites with the design of a blog.
    So is there any way that i can create a blog design in my website so that i can post, edit and upload news pics without any tech skills?

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