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Mar 18 / kkrizka

Find Your Host With Web Hosting Choice

I was browsing the PayPerPost database of opportunities, and I found something rare: a request for a review of a interesting site that is actually quite usefil. So I decided to take the opportunity and write a review of Webhosting Choice, a great database of commercial webhosting providers. While this is not a unique site, the Webhosting Choice did a great job of implementing it. Not only they have a modern looking layout (altough I think it would be better if they centered it) that provides a very clean interface (that is actually quite rare!), but they also provide a Learning Center that contains information about the different properties of hosts like bandwidth, common scams among hosts, problems with cheap hosting and a newsletter that contains current promotions. These articles are written in a language that even people new to web hosting should understand, so it is a great resource for starters.

I would also like to talk more about the interface of the website, because I believe it sets Webhosting Choice apart from other databases of commercial hosts. First of all it is clean and easy to navigate, that is something that I have not seen in any other such site that ranks high a Google search. With just a quick glance you can locate the different functions like the articles mentioned above or the search host function. The latter is another thing that I have not seen among commercial hosting databases (they do exist in free hosting databases though). None of them provide a way for you to set your requirements like price, PHP version, bandwidth and so on, and then show only the hosts that satisfy them! You can also expand your search by browsing the entire database by category or section.

However the site is not perfect and there are a few items where it could improve. First of all, the layout width seems broken in certain portions, but that does not interfere with the usage. I am also missing user reviews of the hosts. That I think is one of the most important factor for choosing a host, becuase all hosts say they are great on the site, but not all users do the same…

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  1. / Mar 19 2008

    Started working with 1&1…Real good deals on hosting and mail…No complaints here.

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