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Apr 14 / kkrizka

WordPress 2.5 Kontera Integration

New Kontera Box

It has been long time since the intial release of Kontera Integration plugin for WordPress, and for good reason. The plugin was so simple, that the problems with it were minimal so I did not have to release an update. However after a long time, small problems pile up on top of each other and cause a big problem. That is why I am releasing WordPress Kontera Integration 0.2 with the following changes:

  • No longer screws up the paragraph tags of posts
  • Custom setting is saved on update
  • Uses WordPress 2.5’s CSS Code.

Download: Kontera Integration 0.2


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  1. Raj / May 14 2008

    The following error blocks from downloading the plugin:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_action() in /home/krizkane/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/kontera.php on line 189

  2. David King / Dec 13 2008

    I just uploaded this plugin…
    it’s activated.
    I put my publisher id in my settings for the plugin.

    it didn’t work so then i went and looked at the code and added my publisher id in the code after it says pub id in the code.

    it still doesn’t work!

    what am i doing wrong karol?

    i’d appreciate it if you let me know how to activate it!



  3. Breakfast Nook / Dec 3 2010

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