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Apr 17 / kkrizka

A Good Source For High-Res WallPapers

It is always a good idea to have a wallpaper with resolution that matches your monitor’s capabilities, because that way you do not loose any detail to zooming or scaling of different aspect dimensions. However finding one can always be a pain, because there are just so many possible resolutions, and almost none of them seem to fit my monitors. This lead me to just stick with the default wallpaper, but not anymore because I found a good database of wallpapers: InterfaceLIFT.

InterfaceLIFT is not only specific to background wallappers, but also contains a database of Mac OS X themes and icons. Best of all, they are navigated through a bread-crumb type menu, that lets you select different options to filter our the results for you. The options are not based on the theme or topic of the wallpaper. Instead they ask you about the capabilities of your device so you do not have to wonder if the image won’t look destroyed on your desktop. For example, the screenshot below shows the settings that I chose to find the new wallpaper for my laptop.

Within seconds I had a list of beautiful wallpapers that would keep all of their detail as they would not have to be scaled. Oh, and they also have a section for PSP wallpapers!

I should also mention NerdBusiness’s post of 218 HD Resolution Desktop Wallpapers for Nerds, because that is where I found out about InterfaceLIFT.

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