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Apr 30 / kkrizka

I Am Starting To Support Flash

My biggest problem with Adobe Flash was that it was a closed, properiaty specification. This means that Adobe controlled what devices get support and which ones do not, which meant that Linux mostly ignored. While there was a version for 32-bit Linux, it had many problems concerning sound output and performance. Also there was no 64-bit version, so I had to run a 32-bit version of Firefox.

However that is about to change with the Open Screen project. Adobe wants to push Flash to every device possible and they realized that a closed system will not be able to do the. And so they are lifting many licensing restrictions, releasing API’s and documentation. Technorati has more details on this.

I think that this is a great move, because I really like the possibilities of Flash. It has shown it’s power as a portable framework for games, applications and animations. It is quite fast (compared to Java), easy to use and easy to develop with. Now that it might become more open, it will become possible to enjoy it’s power on non-Windows based work.

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  1. Lil' Ms Pinky / May 3 2008

    Hi there…your site is really helpful. I’m a little hesitant to have Kontera installed at my site due to PPP’s requirements.

    I’ll appreciate it greatly if you have a plugin for Blogger. Thanks! :)

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