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Aug 2 / kkrizka

Quote of the Day

This joke was mentioned in a discussion over that the Physics Forums about proving the Big Bang Theory. For some reason, I found it to be very funny.

The famous joke about a bunch of scientists observing a cow from a train.
Look says the astronomer – all cows in America are black
No says the physicist – there are SOME black cows in America.
Then the mathematician says – there exists at least one cow which is black on one side.

(And finally the computer scientist says – look at the moo-moos !)


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  1. Jenny / Aug 28 2008

    The joke is nice but every one can not enjoy it as it is a bit typical and every one can not get it at their first glance.

  2. Hailee / Oct 6 2008

    The joke is great and it is very nice. I will tell it to my friends. Thank you.

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