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Oct 30 / kkrizka

Qt 4.4 Is Awesome (Or Creating a Web Browser In Minutes)

This morning Trolltech (now part of Nokia) released a preview of new application called Qt-Creator, a lightweight IDE optimized for developing Qt applications. Being a big fan of Qt, I’ve decided to give this IDE a quick spin and in the process I decided to play around with WebKit that is included with Qt 4.4 and up.

The result is what made me write this post; within minutes I had my very own functional (but very basic) web browser! The surprising part was that it did not even take many lines of code. All I had to do was to open Qt Designer (integrated into Qt-Creator), add a web widget, back/forward buttons, an address bar and connect it all with Qt signals. The only important actual code I actually wrote was to connect the address bar with the web widget.

Fain, this browser is very simple and doesn’t really do much. But nevertheless it is impressive what can be done with so little code. Instead of having to mess around with parsing and displaying a web page, one can spend more time improving the UI… I already have a few ideas that I want to try.

In the meantime if you want to see the source or play around with it, I made a few packages of version 0.1 available here:
Source Code
Linux Binary (Needs Qt4.4 Installed)
Window (Coming Soon)


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  1. Lenore / Dec 14 2008

    Though we have User interface skills i think in order to implement it we need to have some coding skills..If you just share it we too can have a glance over it..

  2. Max / Apr 29 2009

    Thanks a lot! I’m just a beginner in QT and was looking for Simple WebBrowser for my programm.

    More functional Web Browser included in QT samples.

    But Your Source Code is exactly what I need.

  3. desbest / Mar 5 2010

    Is this web browser portable? Does it require installing?

  4. Karol Krizka / Mar 5 2010

    You do not need to install it to use it. Just download and run. You might need to install to Qt libraries though.

  5. seema / Nov 6 2010

    m not able to extract the files………

  6. Conradin / Apr 8 2011

    Um thanks for the source, but i was hoping for a bit more of a tutorial I just downloaded qt designer last night

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