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Dec 23 / kkrizka

PSP Piracy Going Down?

There is an interesting article over at the TorrentFreak blog about PSP and piracy. According to the big boys at Sony (John Keller, head of SCEA’s hardware marketing, to be more specific), the rate of pirating PSP games is going down and the reason for this is the PSP users are standing up for Sony and not helping or teaching new PSP owners how to play downloaded ISO games. Since that is not an easy task in itself, most are deterred and instead buy their own games.

My thoughts on this are that this is not correct. I’ve been quite active in many of the PSP fan forums in the past, so I know what the general feeling on piracy is. And yes, it is as described by John Keller. However, my evidence for it is based on the PSP forum posts one to two years ago. Thus if it had anything to do with the decrease in PSP piracy, the decrease wouldn’t be happening just now. I tend to agree with the comments in the MTV Multiplayer article; there have been no new interesting releases in a long time (yes, I’ve been watching) and so there is really no reason to pirate new games.

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