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Apr 13 / kkrizka

Check Out The Conficker Eye Chart


There is now a simple way to check if your computer has been infected by the infamous Conficker worm. Just point your browser to the Conficker Eye Chart, and if you see all of the images then there is a pretty good chance that you are not infected.

The test actually works on a very simple principle. The worm blocks your computer from accessing several security sites, so no images from those sites will load if you are infected. However, they also might not load because of problems with internet connection, so the test site also tries to load other random images (Random being FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Linux logos. What is the author trying to hint at?)

I wanted to share this, because it seems like quite a clever idea for detecting the worm. It is quite immune to any future variants of the worm and works without anti-virus software. Also it is platform independent, so I could check that my Linux box was not infected. 😉

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