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Jun 2 / kkrizka

PSP Go Looks Nice


I haven’t touched the PSP scene in some while, but I’ve just got more interested. Apparently Sony is coming out with a new model (pictured above), with a lot of cool hardware changes. They actually almost complete my old wishlist!

  • Ditch the UMD drive. UMDs are hard to carry around and take a lot of space. Sony could replace the UMD drive with other additions that I will mention below.
  • Built-in camera. With a built-in camera one could use the PSP to take pictures. The PSP screen is quite large can could provide great previews.
  • Built-in microphone. With Skype integration, PSP could become a great cellphone. The only problem would be that it is a bit large. (Ok, there is one in PSP-3000)
  • Bluetooth. I just love Bluetooth enabled devices. They are easy to connect with the computer and you do not have to carry around any cables.
  • E-Mail and RSS Newsfeed client. Both are already available as homebrew applications.

Of course, my wishlist grew after I got my iPod Touch. Right now, I think it would be nice if PSP got a touch screen. It would make typing words much easier and is a very natural way to control some games. Another wish is to be able to play homebrew games out of the box. The new PSP has already an internal drive, so this seems like a good idea. Sony does not have to allow low level languages (C/C++) with access to low level features of the hardware, which can be used to play pirated games. Something like a Python interpreter or even LUA Script would be very nice!

As for the games coming out for it, there are some great titles:

  • Gran Turismo PSP
  • LittleBigPlanet PSP
  • Jak & Daxter
  • Metal Gear Solid

I’ve played older version of 3/4 of the games, and they were all pretty good. I might actually buy PSP Go, as long as someone figures out a way to put custom firmware on it or have some way to play homebrew games.

FYI, EuroGamer has a nice collection of  pictures of the PSP Go.


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  1. Husein Al-amrie / Oct 17 2009

    i will psp go

  2. romell / Apr 25 2011

    how much new model psp

  3. james t / Jun 18 2011

    last i saw the psp go was like 249.99 a little steep for me right now got to buy college books and all,i like the concept of downloading games but if i like certain old games like king of the fighters will they be available,and if i like new school like street fighter 3-d,(on new nintendo ds)will it be avilable?

  4. gaurav singh / Feb 19 2012

    his is good but tell me more details of this psp

  5. gaurav singh / Feb 19 2012

    i like this but pls tell me more details of thi psp lkike [price in india

  6. gaurav singh / Feb 19 2012

    prise in markets???????

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