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Jun 27 / kkrizka

Updated To iPhone OS 3.0 With VirtualBox

I’ve just up updated (and jailbroken) my iPod Touch 2G to iPhone OS 3.0 from Linux, using Windows XP running as a guest under VirtualBox. The whole process was quite tricky (started at about 20:00, ended just after midnight), but it is quite simple if one follows all the steps and more importantly knows what they are. That is why I plan to write a step by step tutorial later this evening.

In the meantime, I recommend that you check out the following links:

None of the two posted guides are complete, but both of them offered information that helped me get through different parts of the process.

And yes, the 3.0 update enabled Bluetooth on iPod Touch 2G! So it is worth the $10 that one has to pay for the update.

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