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About Me

My name is Karol Krizka, and I am a undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University. I study Physics and Computer Science, in that order of preference.

In my spare time, I like to experiment with different ideas and that is why I created this blog. It serves as an outlet for me to publish and share any ideas that I’ve created.


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  1. jeff / Oct 4 2010

    hey, do you know how to downgrade psp 3000 version 6.20 to lower version like 5.03?

  2. chiefleo / May 12 2011

    Dear Karol Krizka:
    I am a software developer and I’ve been looking for a way to use SVN server or git server in my godaddy’s sharing hosting this for many days and yours is the only article I could find that was complete and clear. Following your steps, i can pull codes to local machine,clone url is ->

    , but when i push local codes to godaddy, i receive errors like this:

    error: Cannot access URL, return code 22
    fatal: git-http-push failed

    read from your artical and search from goole, i know that http url can only use to pull codes,but can use ssh to push codes.
    as you said METHOD2:USE SSH FORCED-COMMANDS,i generate ras keypair in my godaddy server,and path is ~/.ssh/id_rsa,and i insert flowing text

    command=”if [[ “x${SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND}x” == “xx” ]]; then /bin/bash; else source ~/.bash_profile; eval “${SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND}”; fi; ”

    to,after set that,i push local codes to url


    is failed,error message

    Access denied
    fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

    :(,I do not know what is the problem and it has troubled me a long time…… wish you can help me? I am looking forward to your reply. Thanks very much!

    • Karol Krizka / May 14 2011

      About pushing through HTTP, you are correct. HTTP, at least with general web hosts, you can only pull.

      As for pushing through SSH, I am not sure what your problem is. Try to make sure that you have the correct permissions to ‘~/html/src/xx.git’ for writing, that it does exist and that the path is correct.

      • chiefleo / May 14 2011

        hi Karol Krizka:
        thanks for your reply, I am sure i have correct premissions to ‘~/html/src/’,there are some message which i login with SSH—>>>

        -bash-3.2$ cd ~/html/src
        -bash-3.2$ ls
        -bash-3.2$ mv
        -bash-3.2$ ls
        -bash-3.2$ mv
        -bash-3.2$ ls
        -bash-3.2$ cd
        -bash-3.2$ ls
        HEAD branches config description hooks info objects packed-refs refs

        Because of this problem,I have sleepness night…… Can you tell me the More detailed steps to access GIT with SSH? such godaddy servers’s config and local machine’s config? Thanks again!!

  3. chiefleo / May 12 2011

    I am sorry for my poor english,wish you can understand:)
    wish you can help me!

  4. Drew / Aug 2 2011

    Hey i got the error message 80020321 and i tried all the methods you recommended and my screen turns black for a couple seconds then shuts off help me out man? my email is

  5. Dennis M Reed / Aug 9 2011

    thanks for ieversion().

    it was exactly what I needed! I tried using , etc. and it worked but would not pass XHTML 1.0 Strict validation. ieversion() solved that problem!

    I credited you and included the link on my page.

    thanks again.

  6. Dennis M Reed / Aug 9 2011

    “I tried using , etc. and it worked” should read “I tried using [if lt IE 8], etc. and it worked”

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