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ManualRotate – Manual Control Of AutoRotate Script

Having the screen rotate automatically based on orientation is a useful thing, but sometime you want the rotation to be locked. That is the job of the script included with the autorotate package. It connects a running daemon, disables it and rotates the screen 90 degrees. Further calls of the script rotate the screen until a full cycle has been reached, and then re-enable It does nothing if the laptop is not in tablet mode.

The can also work standalone, without a running deamon. In that case, just rotates the screen to the next position.

I suggest you map the script to one of the screen buttons, using the following instructions (for GNOME users).

  1. Open the keyboard shorcuts panel, found under System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts.
  2. Click the Add button to create a new custom shortcut.
  3. In the window that pops up, specify
    Name: Rotate Screen


  4. Close the window by clicking Apply.
  5. Find the new shortcut at the bottom of the keyboard shortcuts of the window, and map it to a button.
  6. Close the keyboard shortcuts window, go into tablet mode and press the button that you mapped to the script.

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