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Maze Mod

A simple Minecraft mod that generates random 41-by-41 hedge mazes inside the world. Watch the following video for a demonstration of its features.

WARNING! Generating a maze turns everything below (up to bedrock) into stone and everything above into air. Make sure to use the maze paper away from any structures that you want to keep.


Installation Instructions

  1. Make sure that you have ModLoader installed. If you do not, follow this tutorial.
  2. Download the Maze Mod zip archive from here:
  3. Place the downloaded zip archive into /PATH/TO/MINECRAFT/DATA/mods directory. Create it if it does not exist. The path to the minecraft data folder on different operating systems is:
    • Windows: %Appdata%.minecraft
    • Linux: ~/.minecraft
    • Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
  4. Launch Minecraft as normally!


The mazes are generated using the Maze Paper. To activate the paper, just make it the active item and right-click.

The recipe for the Maze Paper is:


  • prevent the mod from destroying the entire vertical space in the world
  • alternate materials for the walls of the maze (ie: stone)
  • better exists (ie: stairs if the exit is in the air)
  • customizable maze dimensions
  • maze biomes?


The source code for this mod is available via git:

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