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TTZ Media Product Showcase

TTZ Media is an advertising network that displays products available on different sites and their prices, which can be quite useful if you review a lot of products. However it is hard to insert TTZ ads in post by post basis, but the TTZ Product Showcase plugin makes this much easier. When specifying the location for the ad, you can choose custom keywords to be used for the specific ad.

TTZ Media Product Showcase 0.1

Quick Installation Instructions

  1. Sign up for TTZ Media
  2. Place into wp-content/plugins folder.
  3. Enable through the admin panel
  4. Go to Options->TTZ Media Configuration page of your admin panel to configure the plugin
  5. Change the User ID to your affiliate membership code that you can find on top of your TTZ Media dashboard
  6. Create a new template
  7. Insert ads into your posts by adding the following HTML code: <!–ttz#productname–>

Detailed Usage Information
Insert advertisements into posts using the following HTML code: <!–ttz–> This can be customized further by add more options by using this format: <!–ttz_template#list,of,keywords–> You can include either one of them, just make sure to prefix the template name with an underscore and the list of keywords with the hash symbol.

You can also include TTZ ads in your WordPress template by using the following line of code: <?php ttz_ad(‘template’,’list,of,keywords’) ?> Again, the template name and the keywords are optional.

Support and Donations
Did you think this plugin? Then why not buy me a cup of root beer or use one of the free ways to thank me to show your graditiude? You could also enable the “Thank Author” feature in the plugin or signup for TTZ Media using my affiliate ID.

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