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Aug 27 / kkrizka

Show Top Commentators Widget

Nate Sanden‘s Show Top Commentators plugin is a great way to increase comments on your blogs. However, it’s a bit tricky to add, because it requires you to manually edit your theme. I think that is a bit too much work, because you can do the exact same thing by using WordPress widgets, which is a more flexible solution. I have played around with Nate’s plugin, and in a few minutes I had widget support. Now I want to share it with others, in hope that you will find this feature useful. Also I have emailed Nate, and asked him if he wants to include my changes in the next version of of the official plugin release.

To install this plugin, just download it from the link below. Then place the show_top_commentators.php file in the wp-content/plugins directory. Next you activate it, and then drag-n-drop it to the sidebar. This step is done on the Presentation->Widgets page in your admin panel.

Show Top Commentators v1.05 with Widgets Support


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  1. max / Aug 27 2007

    Wow, that is cool! Maybe you should talk to the creator of Top Commentators plugin and make it together in the future.. :) just a thought…

    • admin / Aug 27 2007

      Haha, I’ve already emailed him if he is interested in my changes. I might send him a few more changes later.

  2. max / Aug 27 2007

    Wow, you are FAST! :)

  3. Life is Colourful / Sep 3 2007

    I would have loved if it worked properly for my new FourWPTP theme. After adding this plugin, It’s appearing in a weird way right between two columns. Using the previous text plugin, it was the same case, so I changed to your widget thinking it should work fine, but alas! It’s not working as expected… Could you please check if it’s compatible with FourWPTP wordpress theme.

    • admin / Sep 3 2007

      Sure, I think I’ll have a bit of time either later today or early tomorrow. I’ll look at it then. :) I’ve noticed a problem with it too, and I think the fix is the same.

      • Life is Colourful / Sep 4 2007

        Hey Krizka, Nate sent me a different code than the one available at pfadvice and it’s working now on the left side bar on my blog.

        But interestingly, it’s working only on left side bar and same code is not working with the two right side bars in my 4 column FourWPTP wordpress template.

        I think its something to deal with the template as well, that your widget and Nate’s code is not working in those two right side columns. I sent Nate the snapshot, let me know if you need it too.

      • admin / Sep 5 2007
  4. hiutopor / Sep 17 2007

    Hi all!

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  5. BONTB / Nov 6 2007

    I just installed that widget i like it hope it will work same as your does, by the way I love your comment area, how did you customize it ?

  6. jblu / Nov 25 2007

    Thanks for modding the plugin. It saved me some time 😉

  7. news bandit / Nov 28 2007

    I definitely think this is a great plugin. It benefits those that reach the top of the list and it helps keep people coming back for more.

  8. Chris / May 4 2008

    Would it be possible to have a similar Plugin for the Top Contributors of a Blog? I’m planning a site with voluntary authors and it would be great to show off who is submitting the most articles.

    Or can there simply something be changed in the code?

    Many thanks! 😉

  9. Not John Chow / May 30 2008

    Great addition to the plugin. Is there a way to remove my name from the list? I wan to show my top commentators minus me the owner of the blog. Any ideas?

    • Karol Krizka / May 30 2008

      Add your username to the filter list in the settings.

      • Not John Chow / May 30 2008

        Where is the settings file? The only file I have is the show_top_commentators.php file. On the widgets page there are no options and I do not see anything in the settings area. Do I need to edit the plugin or am I missing something? Thanks

  10. graphic art / Sep 2 2008

    I hope this time it will work. I downloaded the plugin from a blog i cant remeber and its not working. I am hoping though that you have fixed it. thanks so much.

  11. Massimiliano / Sep 17 2008

    Thanks a lot for your work!

  12. SEO Googles (Tigis) / Jan 4 2009

    thx a lot for this plugins. Really makes it easier to setup. Really appreciate it :)

  13. william / Jul 7 2009

    yea nice Work 😀

  14. Benny / Sep 25 2009

    Help! I gotta problem with the plugin. It lists a person twice. Since I’m doing a competiton who can write the most comments on my website, this really fucks up my competition :/

    I looked into the data base and the comments section in the admin menu but still can’t figure out why the new ones are listed differently. Do you have any suggestions. The look the same for me.



  15. Holly / Oct 27 2009

    Worked great, would definatly make a good daily use of it.

  16. brenda davis / Oct 30 2009

    Hi just thought i will let you know i also had a issue with this blog appearing blank as well. Must be monkeys in the page.

  17. Not John Chow / Nov 2 2009

    Still a great plugin. One of my must have plugins.

  18. Arilmer / Dec 8 2009

    Thanks for another great post! Just keep em coming..

  19. Im just getting started down this road, the journey is going to be long, but my target is two years to have a full time income online and to be able spend more time with my family instead of going for a 9 to 5 job..

  20. Gustavo Freitas / Feb 22 2010

    Obrigado pela dica,
    um abraço.

  21. Edric %9 / Apr 22 2010

    Thanks for the information, I only read a couple website on a daily basis but I will be bookmarking your’s and coming in often. Also, I like the template you have here, it makes it simple to find what I am searching for and doesn’t distract me to the point that I have to leave,. Did you style your comments like this or is this how your theme was setup originally?

  22. Jocelyn / Aug 14 2010

    I tried top commentator widget but my blog got errors. I installed it through ftp client but still had the same result. Hope this time your link will be better than the old one I used.

  23. Alexis / Dec 2 2010

    Thanks very much.
    I was stuck with the original version which does not support widget.

  24. Dennis / Dec 6 2010

    Looking at your top commentator list, I want to see number of post beside their name. So, they know how many more post that they need to do to get in the list.

    • Karol Krizka / Dec 9 2010

      That seems like a pretty clever idea. I’ll try to see what I can do.

    • Karol Krizka / Dec 10 2010

      I looked through the code and found that the Show Top Commentators widget already supports it. There is an option that you just have to enable in the file. But I have an updated version where you can change those settings through the widget configuration page:

      • Dennis / Dec 10 2010

        You are really fast. Did not waste time to resolve. Thanks. I will take a look at it.

  25. trevor h / Dec 30 2010

    Good tips – I think your advice is needed since people usually forget to ad the “show top commentator’s” portion to their sidebar, which is the whole idea behind the plug-in.

  26. Free Articles / Jan 25 2011

    Very informative article and i really happy to find this useful website. great work dear keep it up. thanks for sharing

  27. Enfotainer / Apr 16 2011

    Just installed the plugin. It looks great!

  28. christian louboutins / Apr 27 2011

    Similar to here I guess.

  29. Luckie / Dec 15 2011

    Good to see real expertise on display. Your cnortuibtion is most welcome.

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