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Oct 11 / kkrizka

0.23 Page Views Per User

While looking over my AdBrite stats yesterday, I noticed something particular: I had 3000 unique visitors in a day, but only 700 of them visited one of my pages. It seems like many people didn’t even look at a page before viewing the page. Is there anything I can do to improve your experience so you won’t quit on me even before you see any of my content?


The problem has been fixed by now, and I’m back to seeing around 800 uniques everyday.

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  1. XpanD / Oct 14 2007

    I wouldn’t know.

    On a very slightly related note, you might want to check out the site’s code, as my PSP tends to crash at random times when I visit your site. And not just my PSP, my school pc has problems too.

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