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Mar 6 / kkrizka

SFU Emergency SMS Alerts

I just received the following email from SFU Security:

Dear Karol,
In case of a campus-wide emergency, SFU would not be able to contact you
with a text-message (SMS) alert. This is because we do not have a cell phone
number on file for you.

It turns out that SFU installed a new emergency notification system that will send messages to all students in case of emergency. I find this to be a great improvement for the university, because it can help prevent students from being stranded on the mountain during winter. The first time I heard about that snowstorm was from my girlfriend, and that was already several hours after the bus service stopped. Now that SFU will automatically message us in such emergencies, people will have a chance to leave before the worst happens.

For more information check out the SFU Alerts website.

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  1. Muhammad / Mar 9 2008

    Dear i m final year student of Elect.Engg(Communication)
    i submitted proposal of the project “GSM-Based Security system via SMS” as my final year project..
    i searched tooooo much to get schematic diagram and other details about the project “Home Security System via SMS by GSM” but failed(only produts are given in Internet)
    Plz help me in designing this project so that i can do this job at given time
    plz help with schematic diagram,electronic components details to be used and all other necessary details for designing projct..
    i’ll be so much thakful to u.

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