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Jan 3 / kkrizka

Third Party Batteries Make PSP Very Mobile


I have just read an announcement over at the QJ.Net blog about a third-party batteries being developed that can be recharged using solar energy. If they can be trusted, I think they make a great addition for any PSP owner and increase the mobility of the PSP. Just imagine you are going away for the summer, for example camping with your family, and you want to bring your PSP for entertainment. But you do not have access to any power plugs, so there is no way to recharge your battery other than through a car charger (which can waste your car battery). However thanks to the Self-Recharging Solar Battery USB Charger for PSP, which comes very cheap for $30, you can just leave your PSP on a table and it will be automatically charged without having to worry about external plugs.

I just think that this battery is a unique addition for people that travel a lot, and it only costs $30. I might definitely buy it during the summer, depending if I go anywhere.

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