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Feb 11 / kkrizka

New Fake PSP Design


As I reported earlier, Sony will not be coming out with a new PlayStation Portable generation in a long while. But that does not mean that people are still not allowed to dream and create fake designs. BluezPS has just done this and drew out how the PSP would look like if he designed it. There are a few things that I like about the design and a few that I do not. If you have your own views, feel free to leave a comment or visit the PSPMod Forums to discuss it.

First of all, the design just begs for a touchscreen, and that is one feature that I want! Also it looks very stylish and modern. However the current button layout turns me off. It looks very uncomfortable, because it requires my hands to be very close to each other. Also while I like the idea of a slide-out panel, adding the game buttons just seems like a waste of space. The whole design reminds me of an Internet Tablet (like the Nokia N810), just without the useful keyboard.

Due to the above reasons, I do not think that this is the perfect design for the PSP. But I think that BluezPS made a good base for a start and small changes could be added to improve it. Why not keep the current PSP design with the buttons on the front and add the slide-out panel with a keyboard? This ways the gaming controls are still nicely spaced out and there is a keyboard for when I need it.


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  1. spiritofcat / Feb 12 2008

    Maybe you could have the buttons slide out like this but on each side rather than the bottom. That would give the spacing for your hands.
    You could have a keyboard sliding out the bottom too, but if you had a touch screen you could have an on-screen keybaord anyway.
    The dual analog sticks are definitely high on the priority list though.

  2. Landon / Jul 17 2009

    I want to know if they are coming out with a new psp

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