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PSP Custom Firmware Guides

I am a PSP owner, but I always feel restricted by the small amount of good applications that exist for the PSP. More over many are very expensive, so I rather not buy them. Luckily there is a simple solution: homebrew applications. These applications are created for free by different developers and posted on the internet. However the official SONY firmware does not run them, so you need to flash your PSP to run a modified firmware. This can be a complicated process, but I have decided to simplify it by writing a guide for every release. The guides are for Dark_Alex’s M33 custom firmware, which is the one I use. This is also the most popular CFW and is the most supported by the homebrew community.

I write a new guide everytime there is a new release. The old ones exist for historical purposes, because sometimes you need to install a older version of CFW before you can get the newer one.

There are few other guides that I have written for the PSP, and the following is the list of them. They are simple tips and tricks to get the most out of your favorite handheld gaming console.


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  1. david / Jun 19 2010

    i have a psp 3000 and i want to play iso games wich firmeware its the best for me.

    • amadou / Feb 13 2011

      how do you get cfw 6.37 download website

  2. Jesse / Sep 6 2010

    damn, download link leads to a matience site. :(

    • nebiyu / Apr 9 2012

      i have a psp-3004 version 6.31 so how can i get custom firmware that match to my psp

  3. waqas / Nov 16 2010

    i have psp 1004 with fw 3.80 m33-5 and i am not able to play games like god of war, wwe smackdown vs raw ,tekken etc would u plz tell me how should i upgrade my fw to 5 so , so that i could be able to play like these games…..

  4. Eric@ watch CNN live / Nov 16 2010

    I visited all the links and pretty much find it very helpful. i’m not so sure how emulators on PSP works, I hope there’s a video. thanks for the post.

  5. Liam / Dec 26 2010

    Hey i have a psp go version N1002 with system software 6.35 . How do i Custom Firmware it (CFW)???????

  6. kong / Feb 2 2011

    I can’t download any games now. It show error msg and the login name does’t show my name, it is anonymous! what shall I do?

  7. Jazz / Oct 13 2011

    I just got Kingdom Hearts BBS yesterday, and apparently it needs PSP ver. 6.20 or higher to work.
    My PSP’s firmware is 3.71 M33-3, and while I tried to install ver. 6.20 that came with the game, it says that “it does not read the disk.” So I couldn’t continue with the installation and play the game. I read somewhere online that the CFW might be affecting this.
    I know very little about CFWs and OFWs, and I wasn’t the one who installed the CFW in my PSP… but might you have any clue how to fix this/why this is happening?

  8. Jazz / Oct 13 2011

    Or wait, should I just upgrade the cfw, or something…?
    Thank you very much if you answer my question lol.

  9. Prakhar / Oct 17 2011

    I’ve a PSP with 6.31 PRO.. I’d downloaded WWE SvR 2011 which runs on 6.31(ofw’vheck from wikipedia) but it dont run on my psp. same problem with God of War Ghost of Sparta.. I wanna play these games but cant :( :(
    Please help me regarding this..
    Thanx in advance :)

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